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Sunday, August 27, 2006

A Few Tips to Keep You Thinking

Here are a few tips to help you improve your golf, although they are not the most advanced tips, there are always things that you can learn, if you can pick up just one thing from every article, then you are on your way to a better round of golf! Hope you find something new. Good luck, and all the best.


Golf Tips from An Expert by Karl Smith

History of Golf

Golf first originated in Scotland (gowf in Scots) and has been played for at least five centuries in the British Isles. There were no golf schools present at that time but likely now there are millions even trillions of golf schools, golf channels, golf magazines and golf websites which provide very effective golf instructions, golf lessons and even very useful golf tips.

Well golf is a game of hitting a ball into a hole by an individual or a team. Golf doesn't need a fixed standard playing area and is mostly organized by the clubs. Some basic golf instructions are given below:

1 Always maintain your body balance before start playing golf.

2 Carefully watch the ball and focus on it.

3 The ball should be hit in the center of the club face.

4 After hitting the shot keep an eye on the ball if it miss then try again.

5 Be prepared mentally and physically for the achievement of your goal. 8 to 10 shots per round are needed.

If you are looking for golf schools or online golf lessons, go for a PGA (Professional Golfers Association) certified instructor. But that's not all, its very important that you should take a lesson or two from him before the final selection.

Below listed golf instructions are a must remember before starting the game and can help you to score even more.

1) Focus your Mind: This is a very important mental golf instruction which does not comes naturally and needs practice as well as time. You should keep your mind totally focus on the current shot.

2) Follow the 75% Rule: 75% rule involves making a 3/4 back swing and following through while focusing and controlling the direction and distance of your shot.

3) Watch your Posture:Your posture is very important. You should stand straight and keep your body still while hitting the ball. Certainly it requires hard work and practice but its worth it.

4) Be Careful with your Grip: The way you grip the club decides the good or bad shots. So, you should be very careful with your grip or it may leads to breaking.

5) Let your Arms and Body Swing: It is a very important golf instruction, you should let your arms swing freely during the entire swing process just like you might had swung the heavy ball tied with the chain in your childhood.

6) Practice Putting: Putting is very important for scoring. The best technique for putting is probably is to feel the stroke both in your arms and shoulders.

No matter how good you are at playing golf; there is always a room for improvement.

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