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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Golfing Impact Indicator

I have never actually used one of these devices before due to my traditional nature. From what I've read though, it certainly does look an interesting peice of kit.

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Golf is undeniably a game of skill and concentration and even the most accomplished of golfers confess to having a transient loss of concentration during the most crucial of junctures. To maintain focus - the amateur and professional alike concentrate on the point of impact between the golf ball and the club.


Simplistically the Golf Impact Indicator tells one as to precisely where the club strikes the golf ball. The impact being that this point of contact indicates as to where the ball would travel - this being the essence of a good game of a golf.

The golf impact indicators come in multiple variations, which could well range from the traditional to the revolutionary. The traditional approach being to use a tape to create a thin film around the ball, which would ascertain the point of contact of the ball and the club with high degree of accuracy. Concurrently the accuracy of swing could scarcely be more accurately evaluated.

In contrast - the revolutionary Golf Impact Indicator is both effective and user friendly - the Golf dust and the spray can. Prior to initiating a swing the can with the dust needs to be sprayed on the club head. While executing the swing the point of impact leaves an imprint on the head of the club which would help analyze the swing and impact and would help perfect the swing for the learning golfer.


The golf impact sprays and powders are inarguably superior to the traditional considering that they are easy to use in addition to being compact and portable. Significantly the results are unequivocal considering that the point of impact is living proof needing little interpretation. In addition they are an economical buy and the no alternative option for those wanting to perfect the swing and bring down the score.

The Golf Impact Indicator of choice then is the Golf dust considering that the Golf Indicator tape is a poor second to the incomparable Golf dust.

The Golf Dust spray utilization protocol is easy to comprehend and simpler to execute. The Golf dust spray can is shaken well and sprinkled on the head of the golf club. This being followed by a wait of ten to fifteen seconds before the swing is executed. A close inspection of the head of the club after the impact would indicate the accuracy of the swing and the correction factor needed - if any. The point of impact on the head of the golf club would help ascertain the accuracy of the swing and ensure better ball control for the more discerning of golfers. The Golf Impact indicators being used primarily during practice sessions.

The product is amazing and what is even more amazing is - that the product works wonders.

The Golf Impact indicator then is an integral part of any golf training session and helps the avid golfer assess and correct the stance, grip, club length and finally achieving - golfing perfection - the aspiration of every golfer.

Hard work earns a good game of golf while a revolutionary Golf Impact indicator attains and explosive game of Golf!

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