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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Straighten That Dreaded Hook Out and Lower Your Score Today

Although golf hooks are not as common as the slice, it is still a problem that plagues that thousands and thousands of golfers world-wide (including my father), therefore it is important that you sort it out as soon as possible before it becomes too set within your game. Below is an article offering some tips on how to cure the hook! Click on the link below to learn how you can supercharge your game, and lower you handicap: Cut Your Handicap Today


Golf - Cure That Hook In One Day! by Terry Edwards

For most golfers it is the golf slice that gives us the most headaches out on the golf course. But, for many others who hook the golf ball, the problem can be just as frustrating. So, how can you stop hooking the golf ball and begin hitting more fairways? It's easier than you might think and I'm going to show you how to get immediate results.

Stance - Position the ball in the middle or a little forward in your stance. For most golfers who hook the ball I see them position the ball too far back in their stance. You want to keep the ball in the middle or even with your left heel (if you're right-handed). Make sure you position your feet toward your target line. Both of the tips of your toes should be even, or a little to the left of the target line. This more open stance will help reduce the chances of hooking the golf ball. Don't position your left foot more forward in your stance than your right. Keep them even.

Grip - Grip the club with your hands facing straight down. Golfers who hook the ball tend to set up with their right hand facing too far toward the left side. You want to make sure the "V" formation your hands create by holding the golf club is pointing straight up to your nose. This will go a long way in eliminating a golf hook. The other aspect to a proper golf grip that will eliminate hooking the ball is grip strength. Try not to grip the club too firmly. What happens with an overly firm grip is that when you swing your right hand will turn over and come around, automatically causing you to hook the ball. Use a little less strength in your grip and you should immediately start seeing better results.

Weight - You want to be sure that after your backswing your weight is more on your left foot. Many times a golfer will hook the ball due to the majority of their weight being on their right foot, or back foot. By doing that, you can rest assured you will hook the golf ball every time. It creates a closed clubface by forcing you to come around with the club. If you or you see someone else hit a snap-hook, this is what happened. Be conscious of where your weight is when you finish your golf swing and you can correct this problem immediately.

These are just a few simple tips to help in eliminating that dreaded golf hook. By simply going to the driving range and putting these tips into practice you will start to see immediate results that will translate into lower scores out on the course.

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Terry Edwards writes golf instruction articles designed to help all golfers lower their scores and have more fun out on the course. You can learn more on how to Lower Your Golf Scores and play better golf by visiting his website.

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