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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Improve your body, improve your game

Some Helpful Exercise Tips To Help You Better Your Golf Game by Greg Hall

If you are a person that does nothing all day and you start to play the game of golf you may need to start getting some other exercise besides the sport that you are trying to play. If you are already in shape then you shouldn't even be reading this. If you are not then you will need to get some exercise in and start losing some pounds so that you can play the sport good and with ease.

When you are trying to lose weight and tone up for playing the game of golf you are also going to want to get flexible as best as you can fast as well when you are trying to lose weight. The key to golf is smooth and flexible and when you are out of shape and not flexible you are not going to be able to play the sport very good at all. When you are already flexible and ready to play the sport you can start working on your swing and getting your style and swing down so that when it comes time for you to play you will already be good and be able to hit the ball onto the green.

People most of the time misunderstand when it means to get in shape. When we say get in shape we don't mean go lift a lot of weights and get jacked we mean get yourself in tone and good shape with your body so that you can play the sport well. You do not want to be a jacked and huge golf player because it's not the golfer body you do not want to be a body builder playing golf put it that way. You will want to be a slim fit person that can actually play the sport and be flexible when playing the sport. A big body builder will not be able to get the swing around good enough to play the sport.

Besides getting in shape and getting in tone with your body and having lean muscles you just need to work on your flexibility. If you are in sync with your body then you will do well when you are playing the sport but if you are not in sync and are not in good shape then you will find that golf is not the type of sport that you like. You might like football if you are a big person but golf will not be the sport for you if you are out of shape and are not flexible.

You will also want to stay hydrated while you are playing the sport so just be sure to remember to bring some sort of liquid with you when you are going to be playing the sport outside during the hot days. That is the last thing that you will want to happen be for you to have a heat stroke when you are trying to play a game of golf. Just be sure to remember to dress well and be in good shape when you are about to play also you should stretch before you play.

Gregg Hall is an author living with his 18 year old son in Jensen Beach, Florida. Find more about golf shoes as well as a golf equipment at


This article caught my attention as there are so many golfers out there whom I believe are nowhere near reaching their potential due to the fact they are not looking after themselves mentally and physically. To reach your potential you need to be on the ball mentally as well as in peak physical condition. Some will argue that it is 'too hard' or 'too much effort' to get into shape, this is not necessarily the case, all you need is a plan, a few tips and a bit of encouragement! I can provide you with the first two and I'm sure your family will happily help you with the final point! For some exercise plans I would recommend How to Burn Fat
, I would recommend sigining up to their newsletter as they provide loads of great free info! For health and fitness tips, have a look at Health-Fitness. For some more golf advice, check out Golf Hints and Tips. Finally, for encouragement, ask your family or friends nicely. Follow those that advise and you'll be hitting lower scores than you have ever hit before!

Good luck!

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