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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

How To Fix Your Golf Swing? by Eddy Kong WW

There are many sports on this planet. Some need tons and tons of practice, while some only require some minimum exposure, then you are off to the real thing. Although, golf may seems to be a relaxing sport but working to fix your golf swing is definitely not.

Many of us start playing golf to relax and de-stress ourselves after a long week at work. However, after getting on the golf course we stress ourselves with the game itself.

Why is that so? Once we get hold of the club, put on the golf shoes, tee-up the ball, look around to feel the wind direction if there's any, with all these in mind, we are putting stress rather than relaxing and de-stress.

Well, there are some basic tips to help you to fix up your swing.

Here they are,

1) Grip your club with your left hand so that your thumb lies along the body of the club. Check that the line between your thumb and index finger should point towards your right eye.

Then wrap your right hand over the left hand so that your left thumb fits into the cup of your right palm.

2) Fine tune your stance by pointing your knees inside slightly. Point your right foot straight ahead and the left one slightly to the left.

3) Bring your elbows and arms as close you can get them. When in your stance, your right elbow should point directly at your right hip the left elbow at your left hip.

4) Bring the backswing with your hands, followed by your arms and shoulders.

5) Begin the downswing by rotating your hips back towards the ball. Any swing that does not start from the hips will lack power. The left wrist bone should be pointing at the ball when the club makes contact.

To fix your golf swing you must practice as much as possible. As a saying goes, practice makes you a better golfer not overnight but over time. Remember, there is no shortcut in golf swings.

It can be very frustrating at first; due to lack of power in the swing you mat not be able to project the ball very far or anywhere for that matter. Fix your golf swing with patience and time.

It is not something that can be learned from the book. To fix your swing you must be out there on the field with the club in your hand. Observing others is another good way to fix your swing.

Besides observing others, you also need to be consciously alert of your surroundings and to project a mental picture

There are many ways to improve on this game, however, it is not advisable not to focus on this issue as I have heard and seen many do.

Just always remember that golf is a game played mainly to bring you some relief from the daily stress in the office or otherwise.

To fix your gold swing you do not need to be obssess with it but just need to relax and it will come to you with practice. Fun is the key and with it all the other skill of the game will come to you.

That's why many pros golfers on this planet are taking this game to the next level, they all treat this game not a challenge but play it with love and passion and the best of all, win or lose doesn't matter to them anymore.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Beginners Guide to Golf Course Safety

Beginners Guide to Golf Course Safety
by Troy Degarnham
March 21, 2006

Golf courses come with their own set of safety rules that you need to follow so that you can be assured of your safety and the safety of your fellow golfers. Perhaps the most important thing that you need to remember is to pay attention to the other golfers that are around you. When you’re ready to swing your club make sure that you know exactly where the other players are and that they are at a safe distance away from you.

It’s important that you avoid swinging golf clubs when there are other golfers near to you. Even if you’re just doing some practice swings without a ball you’ll want to be in an area where there are no other golfers. And if you’re playing with beginner golfers you’ll want to make sure that they adhere to this safety rule as well.

Keep your head up so that you’re aware of where other people are playing. Even though you follow the safety rule of knowing where other players are doesn’t mean that everyone else does. If you have to move into another fairway to play a shot that got out of control, or to retrieve a ball, make sure that pay attention to other players nearby. If you hear someone yell “fore” keep a head up so that you know where the shot is coming from.

There will be times when you’re shooting your ball that your shot will go longer than expected or go off in a direction that you hadn’t planned on taking. Yell “fore” as loud as you can so that other players can get a heads up that there is ball somewhere that is out of control.

You should never hit your golf ball into the group playing ahead of you. Even if you have to stall your game until the next group moves forward you’ll have to wait. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should never hit your ball in anger when you’re frustrated with the game. Take a deep breath and remember the rules of golf courses so that you play safely.

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